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About Catawba Valley Assisted Living

An Assisted Living Setting in Claremont, NC

At Catawba Valley Assisted Living, we specialize in providing those who need living assistance with the medical care and social services they need to live a high quality life. 

Our community — from public spaces to private rooms and our dining area — are designed to meet the needs of our residents. Our staff members are experts in helping those age 55 and older with life’s daily challenges such as hygiene, getting dressed or preparing meals. Through individualized care, we focus on helping each resident the best life possible.

Our Approach to Patient-Focused Care

  • Each resident is cared for on a very personal level
  • We promote a unified community atmosphere
  • Our clinical staff members, Medical Director and Physician Practitioners  provide a personal touch and the human hand of kindness
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living and rehabilitation services are provided by qualified professionals
  • Our focus is on improved quality of life for every resident

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We would love to meet you and introduce our team and philosophy to quality care. Contact us today to set up a time to stop by and get the full Catawba Valley Assisted Living experience.